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Topic: Towards a extra inclusive Sword & Sorcery  (Read 357 occasions)

Member in good standing of COSM.

  That dumbass actually says “fellow white guys” in his blurbs.  Fuck me.

Oh, sure, lastly! The messiah the Sword & Sorcery style has been ready for!

Hit me up in case you’re within the Toronto space and also you wanna play Hyperborea 3E!

“How do we get more people into this genre?”

He might as nicely begin burning cash on a charcoal grill.

The notion of an exclusionary and hostile RPG group is a fever dream of zealots who view all social dynamics by a slender keyhole of structural oppression.

No point out of Red Sonja?  It’s like these outdated timers had a factor in opposition to wimminfolk!  What subsequent, Conan is pilloried for his racist crimes in opposition to Stygians?

There’s nothing inherently unsuitable with inclusion however why single out one group (or “white guys,” for brevity’s sake) as the most important impediment.  That’s not very inclusive is it.



Has he by no means learn Imaro? It’s the progenitor of sword & soul!

“You can change “women” and “sexism” on this instance with nearly each intersection of identification that isn’t my fellow white, cishet, neurotypical, able-bodied fellas”

This is past cringe.

I do not fall into his “fellow white, cishet, neurotypical, able-bodied fellas” and I discover this cringy af. I simply need to be handled like a traditional individual, not coddled, worshipped, or pitied.

No sale, and that cowl artwork is apparent terrible.

No sale, and that cowl artwork is apparent terrible.

Exactly. The cowl artwork is so …. so….. dumb

Member in good standing of COSM.

Amazing infantilization of black individuals within the article as per common. Thank God we’ve got these white saviors to inform us what’s greatest for us.

Has he by no means learn Imaro? It’s the progenitor of sword & soul!

Yeah, the article appears like he is giving out buzzwords for consideration with out acknowledging works like Imaro. I see that subject #0 of his journal has free PDF and EPUB obtain, however I have never learn the tales.

I really like the Imaro tales. I want there have been a direct RPG adaptation. Has anybody tried Ki Khanga? It’s marketed as a “Sword & Soul” RPG, however I do not know something about it in any other case.




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