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Braingle’s Daily Trivia Quiz for Nov 13, 2022

A Television Quiz : Test your “Doctor Who” information! All the knowledge on this quiz is concerning the first three seasons.

1. What is the title of the ninth Doctor’s assistant? (She was performed by Billie Piper.)
2. What is the title of the tenth Doctor’s assistant? (She was performed by Freema Agyeman)
3. What actor performed the tenth Doctor within the 2006 season?
4. What does TARDIS stand for?
5. What planet is the Doctor from?
6. What legendary beast seems in "Tooth and Claw", by which the Doctor meets Queen Victoria?
7. What two-word phrase, positioned in varied occasions by the Doctor’s assistant, seems typically within the 2005 season?
8. What alien race "exterminated" all of the Time Lords besides the Doctor within the final Time War?
9. Which of those well-known folks has not appeared on a brand new "Doctor Who" episode?
10. "Doctor Who" is the longest working science fiction present within the UK.

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