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Trivia Quiz: Song: "Photograph"

Braingle’s Daily Trivia Quiz for Dec 22, 2022

A Music > Rock Quiz : How nicely are you aware this music from Nickelback?

1. Complete the lyrics: "Look at this photograph. Every time I do it makes me ______."
2. Complete the lyrics: "How did our eyes get so ______?"
3. Complete the lyrics: "This is where I ______. I think the present owner fixed it up."
4. Complete the lyrics: "I never knew we ever went without. The _______ floor is hard for sneaking out."
5. Complete the lyrics: "This is where I went to school. Most of the time had better things to do. Criminal record says I broke in ______. I must’ve done it half a dozen ______."
6. Complete the lyrics: "I wonder if it’s too ______. Should I go back and try to graduate?"
7. Complete the lyrics: "Life’s _______ now than it was back then. If I was them I wouldn’t let me in."
8. Complete the lyrics: "Every memory of looking out the back door. I had the photo _______ spread out on my bedroom floor. It’s hard to say it, time to say it. Goodbye, ________."
9. Complete the lyrics: "Remember the old arcade, blew every dollar that we ever made. The cops hated us hangin’ out. They say somebody went and ______ it down."
10. Complete the lyrics: "We used to listen to the ______ and sing along with every song we know. We said someday we’d find out how it feels to sing to more than just the _______."
11. These lyrics are appropriate: "If I could relive those days, I know the one thing that would never change."

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