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The message is:

I wrote this utilizing Roman numerals solely.

The rearanged components of the rebus are:

I — an eye fixed
WROTE — a writing hand
THIS — a pointing hand
US — United States
IN — India
G — 9.81 (m/s², Earth’s gravity)
· · ·
ONE — primary
minus E — −2.72 (an approximation of −e)
LY — Libya

That accounts for many of the message, however there is a hole within the center

The hole within the center …

… could be stuffed by observing which letters had been chosen as hints within the sample for the sentence. They are I, L and M, that are all roman numbers. All different letters within the sentece aren’t Roman numbers; they’re represented by a touch. (That additionally implies that the second phrase is “wrote”, not “write”.)

The expression ROMAN NUMERALS matches the given sample ••M•• ••M•••L•.

As fot the title:

Roman numerals had been utilized by a lot of folks. (We even nonetheless use them as we speak in some contexts.) And there’s the large trace “quantity” proper there.



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