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Voxels to Pixel Art, programmatically

Voxels to Pixel Art, programmatically



Been engaged on a brilliant secret undertaking for over a 12 months that I assumed I’d share to see who’s , if anybody.

I needed an engine that would render pixel artwork from any perspective utilizing voxel knowledge, this has a couple of advantages together with:

  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Dynamic Shadow Mapping
  • Dynamic Normal Mapping
  • Runtime digital camera rotation
  • Uses commonplace 4×4 matrices and 3d vectors
  • Raytraced Lighting
  • Fast and straightforward physics/collisions
  • Fully Destructible Environments
  • 1 pixel = 1 voxel in orthographic perspective
  • Infinite World Streaming
  • SSAO
  • Isometric, diametric, indirect, who the fuck cares – its supported

Take the next isometric scene

Usually it would be comprised of flat layers, or a tileset assortment like this

But then your artist has to attract each angle that your digital camera can probably rotate to, often isometric video games enable some type of digital camera rotation however often its a hacky approach of rotating map knowledge and utilizing 4 totally different sprites. Then you might be nonetheless working with 2D data, so you need to hack and faux alot of calculations to faux 3D results.

What in the event you might simply provide a unique digital camera angle and it’d simply “work”?

This supplies alot of gameplay advantages, and you could possibly even develop mechanics round it (suppose Fez). Of course, it may be fully facet view and even high down.

And here’s a wall with some guttering, one of many “tiles” within the above photographs:

For a typical isometric viewpoint, the cache would look a bit like this. Each chunk (64x64x64 voxels) is rendered to a 128×128 picture:

Here’s a few of the fancy results that I listed above:

Let me know if any questions, I can present some extra technical data in case you are . Here’s some misc movies of experiments that I did within the engine:

Gameplay check


REALLY EARLY prototype stuff






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