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Trivia Quiz: Dog — Beagles

Trivia Quiz: Dog — Beagles


Braingle’s Daily Trivia Quiz for Nov 28, 2022

A Nature > Animals Quiz : This quiz consists of questions concerning the beagle. How a lot do you actually know?

1. What kind of canine is a beagle?
2. What are beagles greatest identified for?
3. Where and when had been fashionable beagles developed?
4. Who is taken into account essentially the most well-known beagle of all time?
5. What is the commonest coloring for the beagle?
6. What canine is crossed with the beagle to make a puggle?
7. What comedian hero is a beagle?
8. Which President of the U.S. had a keenness for beagles?
9. What is the common life span of a beagle?
10. What do not beagles do?

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