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Warhammer 40K: Leagues of Votann Weapons Pack A Punch

Games Workshop is showcasing among the weapons that the Leagues of Votann are going to unleash in Warhammer 40,000.

The Leagues of Votann are coming quickly and they’re bringing a brand new batch of weapons to the tabletop. These weapons appear similar to their Imperial counterparts however barely completely different. Almost as in the event that they have been from some kind of alternate timeline or from a bunch that splintered off and developed their very own weapons…

In anycase, we’re getting a small style of the firepower the Leagues are going to unleash. Get prepared for some devastating injury from these Kin!

Leagues of Votann Weapons

through Warhammer Community

“Their Votann Ancestor Cores contain stockpiles of STCs long lost to the Imperium, original templates and schematics for powerful weaponry that the Kin can modify and update to their specifications. These stout folk have many guns – big, small, straightforward, and strange. Put simply, they are stacked with firepower.”

The most typical kind of weapon from the Leagues of Votann are the HunTR weapons. These weapons introduce a brand new weapon kind to the sport: HunTR. Any HunTR weapons fireplace as many instances as are listed by their profile. Just “steady and reliable” capturing.

Magna-Rails are additionally fairly devastating. They are taking a web page from the T’au right here with the best way they work. They ignore Invulnerable saves and unmodified 6s to wound trigger spill over injury to the unit — their photographs simply maintain going!

Beam weapons aren’t new to 40k however the Leagues of Votann variations are fairly spicy! You decide your goal and fireplace away. For each hit you trigger, you additionally hit a unit that’s beneath that very same line and get to roll to wound them additionally. They nonetheless need to be a authorized goal however that’s received a variety of potential for injury output!

This is simply the tip of the iceberg for the Leagues of Votann Weapons. We nonetheless have fairly a number of different ranged weapons to cowl and we haven’t even touched their melee choices. Get prepared for a brand new batch of growth from these area fairing Kin!


Those League weapons are wanting nasty! What are you enthusiastic about utilizing on the tabletop?


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