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Warhammer 40K: That Time Space Marines Used GI-Joe Tanks

Back within the Eighties, the Space Marines would use ANYTHING to defeat their enemies – even with just a little assist from the Greatest American Hero…

It was Rogue Trader and an early and rising Games Workshop was rising their latest hit – Warhammer 40,000. Each month was full of latest minis and the universe was increasing earlier than the participant’s eyes.

Back in February 1989, White Dwarf 110 got here out with extra homebrew creations from the studio.

The design studio again within the day was keen on throwing collectively automobiles and dioramas out of no matter they’d accessible from styrofoam to scale fashions to toys. Some of those just like the prototype Land Raider and Spartan would evolve into classics which can be nonetheless with us to this present day, whereas others had been misplaced to the mists of time. Today we are going to take at this Space Marine hover tank, one of many very first seen, on the again cowl of the White Dwarf:

You need to concentrate on the center of the three photographs, and the leftmost hover-tank.

OH YEAH – love that retro homebrew goodness!  I want to take this second to congratulate the Orks and their Eighties Mekboy converter for throwing an X-Wing laser cannon on a German Sturmtiger and calling it a day, Inspired work! Clearly the Harlequins are impressed.

You need “Middle Photo” part that goes with our tank.

OK, again to the center picture and the superb world of three.5 inch GI-Joes. Confession – I used to be taking part in with a LOT of GI-Joe toys through the Eighties, so this picture at all times struck a well-known chord with me. I may by no means fairly put my finger on it. So think about my shock after a little bit of digging, to find our “hover tank” on the left isn’t any aside from the 1985 classic GI-Joe tank – “The Armadillo”. Check out its particulars by way of superior toy useful resource  YOJOE

And take pleasure in this superior piece of my childhood tv… starring the Armadillo (aka the “mini-tank”)

This Armadillo was misplaced in Rogue Trader and the Eighties, and sadly by no means made it precisely into the grimdark.  But then once more… possibly it did?   I’ll allow you to inform me if any of the under 40K automobiles have just a little little bit of Armadillo in them?

~And realizing is half the battle!


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