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D&D: An Adventurer’s Guide to Tanis Half-Elven

Erstwhile chief of the Companions of the Lance, Tanis Half-Elven performed a pivotal position within the War of the Lance.

Born the kid of two worlds, Tanis Half-Elven, or Tanthalas Quisif-Nan Pah, because the elves name him, spent his life on the lookout for a spot to belong. From origins shrouded in questions, to the tumult of the War of the Lance, Tanis Half-Elven has been at residence amid battle.

Before he met the well-known Companions of the Lance, lengthy earlier than anybody had heard of his title, the half-elf was a youngling within the wilds of Qualinost.

Early Life

Tanis Half-Elven was born in Qualinost. His mom, having been kidnapped by and subsequently fallen in love with a human brigand often called Brand, was regarded with some dismay by the elves of Qualinost. Though, luckily for the boy, his mom’s husband’s brother, was none apart from the elf king, Solostaran.

Solostaran took within the fatherless boy and raised him alongside his personal kids, Porthios, Gilthanas, and Laurana Kanan. But life among the many elves was an isolating one. Especially since they solely ever regarded him as half-human.

As a consequence, Tanis was solely ever near Gilthanas and Laurana. The latter particularly. The two grew to become quick pals, after which extra. Lovers, pledged to marry one another—no less than till Laurana’s household found that the 2 deliberate to wed.

Demanding that Laurana discover a “suitable match for an elven princess” her household broke off their affair. And Tanis, dropping his final pals, left Qualinost for the close by city of Solace.

There he met the dwarven smith, Flint Fireforge, and the kender, Tasselhoff Burrfoot, stopping the one from killing the opposite after slightly “reasonable light theft.” Tanis and Tasselhoff grew to become quick pals.

But there was another early assembly that may change the course of his life.

Tanis Half-Elven and the Companions

In 344 AC, whereas out using, Tanis heard what he thought was a lady in misery. Upon his steed, Dauntless, Tanis raced by means of the wilderness. There he discovered a lady preventing a band of hobgoblins.

But to his shock, the lady was not at risk. Instead, she was toying together with her assailants. Through the battle, the 2 shortly realized an instantaneous attraction. And so, Tanis Half-Elven and Kitiara Uth Matar first met.

And not lengthy after, the 2 instantly fell right into a romantic relationship.

Shortly after that, the course of Tanis’ life modified endlessly, as Kit launched Tanis and his pals to Sturm Brightblade, and Caramon and Raistlin Majere.

This group of heroes grew to become often called the Companions. And although they could usually go their separate methods, they’d stay linked. Over the course of a 12 months, Tanis rescued a lady who had been turned into a hen by turning into a red-pelted fox, for instance.

But in 346, the Companions cut up as much as go their separate methods, agreeing to fulfill 5 years later on the Inn of the Last Home. Tanis left, breaking off his relationship with Kitiara, and going to hunt the “lost gods of Krynn”.

War of the Lance

When the Companions returned, warfare was starting. The Companions met on the Inn of the Last Home and had been virtually instantly at risk. They fled the invading Dragon Army forces, journeying to Que-Shu after which Xak Tsaroth beneath Tanis’ management.

While fleeing Takhisis’ forces, they received a broader image of what was happening on the earth. Tanis determined to return the group to Solace the place they had been instantly captured and despatched to the Dragon Army base of Pax Tharkas.

But alongside the best way, they had been freed by elves from Qualinost. Once freed, although, the group was tasked with breaking different prisoners out of Pax Tharkas. Destiny, it appeared, had a fickle hand.

Throughout the occasions of the warfare, Tanis Half-Elven performed a pivotal position in lots of instrumental occasions. He helped get better the Hammer of Kharas from the depths of the dwarven realm of Thorbardin. He escaped from a dream with the ability of affection. And mockingly, not lengthy after met and rekindled his relationship with Kitiara, now Dragon Highlord of the Blue Dragon Army.

This briefly rekindled romance would show very important to ending the War of the Lance. After providing himself in commerce for a captured princess Laurana, whom he additionally liked, Tanis was introduced earlier than the Queen of Darkness by none apart from Kitiara herself. Of course, Tanis seized the chance throughout this assembly and killed Lord Ariakas, Emperor of the Dragon Armies.

Only then did he lastly select a relationship, fleeing with Laurana and leaving Kitiara to die. Perhaps the world of Krynn, like so many others, would have been completely different if that they had embraced polyamory.

Tanis Half-Elven, War Hero

After the War of the Lance, Tanis Half-Elven was hailed as a hero. A celeb, even. The Knights of Solamnia made him an honorary knight. The dwarves of Thorbardin made him an honorary dwarf.

He was saved from demise by the hands of Lord Soth by his time-traveling kender buddy, Tasselhoff Burrfoot. And Tanis and Laurana grew to become diplomats and ambassadors, serving to to dealer an alliance between the Knights of Solamnia, the Silvanesti, and Qualinesti elves.

And so he remained, the person of two worlds, who cast a world the place eventually he felt welcome




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