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Topic: Imprison anybody who refuses the vax!  (Read 111138 occasions)

Which is one purpose I’ve by no means bothered getting flu photographs. Why stick a needle in me yearly to stop one thing that I possibly get as soon as each 5 to 6 years at most to start with, and which generally was by no means greater than a day or two of fever, chills, congestion and sometimes nausea, when it nearly by no means has higher than a 50-50 probability of working anyway?

I figured if COVID was nonetheless dangerous sufficient to justify the vaccines after just a few years, or the vaccines had made an actual efficient long-term distinction whereas nonetheless being largely secure, I may afford to attend a 12 months or two to see. At this level neither of these circumstances obtains.

I did not get the covid jab for a similar purpose I’ve by no means had the flu jab: completely pointless. Turns out the covid jabs are even much less efficient than the flu jab, too.

As on your secure, the covid jabs are nothing of the type, given the massive variety of opposed reactions all the best way as much as dying.

Double Standards: Legacy Media Covers a Doctors Unproven Anecdote But Not Myocarditis in Young Men

Still ready for the vaccine/CDC apologist to wreck Dr Prasad’s arguments with information and logic.

Pfizer admits they did no testing on whether or not the “vaccination” prevented the transmission of Covid.

Que the backpedal of “But it reduces mortality!” Like that is how they offered it.

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The notion of an exclusionary and hostile RPG group is a fever dream of zealots who view all social dynamics by a slender keyhole of structural oppression.

Pfizer admits they did no testing on whether or not the “vaccination” prevented the transmission of Covid.

Que the backpedal of “But it reduces mortality!” Like that is how they offered it.

Every single vaccine mandate was based mostly on a lie.  Thousands of individuals misplaced their jobs due to a lie.  There was no proof that the vaccine prevented transmission, but all the politicians claimed in any other case as justification for mandates.  And each social media firm would ban you for telling the reality.  This is the best medical fraud in human historical past…




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