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While enjoying on Arena, I had 3 life left and an Authority of the Consuls on the board. My opponent had a Den of the Bugbear on the board and paid the one crimson and three colorless mana in order that it turned a creature and attacked.

The Den of the Bugbear skill

Whenever this creature assaults, create a 1/1 crimson Goblin creature token that is tapped and attacking

triggered, created a goblin token. This in flip triggered my Authority of the Consuls:

Creatures your opponents management enter the battlefield tapped.

I then misplaced as a result of the created Goblin token additionally attacked. Why was the Goblin token capable of assault, when it was tapped? It was clearly affected by my Authority of the Consuls since I gained one life. I do know that “comes into play attacking” will not be the identical as haste however so far as I do know a tapped creature can not assault.



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