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The Brother’s War was stuffed with mighty heroes. There’s no purpose you couldn’t recruit a number of of your personal to your MTG Commander decks.

The battle between the planeswalker Urza and his brother Mishra was probably the most dynamic conflicts in Magic historical past. It set in movement the defeat of Yawgmoth, the creation of Argentum, and by extension, the delivery of New Phyrexia. In an try to reverse the devastating results of New Phyrexia’s invasion, the time-mage Teferi has traveled again to that tumultuous time. Regardless of whether or not his endeavors are profitable, gamers are handled to an artifact-heavy set stuffed with flashy new playing cards. As a commander participant, my first look is at all times the brand new legendary creatures in a brand new set. Thankfully, Brother’s War delivers some extraordinary new heroes and villains. Here are 5 brand-new legendary creatures you’ll wish to have in your commander decks (or main them).

Myrel, Shield of Argive

Keeping the theme of creature spam alive in White, Myrel is right here to steer a stall and overwhelm Soldier token deck. Whether you wish to drown your enemies in creatures, stall them out with stasis mechanics, or get artifact worth, Myrel has the instruments for you. Her capacity to synergize with Affinity results from Mirrodin or the brand new precon Urza is of specific notice. Whatever you wish to do, this common can get you there from the command zone OR the ninety-nine.

Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor

Keeping the spirit of lethal Phyrexians alive, Gix is an absolute powerhouse card. His capacity triggers off ANY creature that hits one among your opponents, making him deceptively group-focused. If you combo that with the Sheoldred from Dominaria, you possibly can really GAIN life and nonetheless get card benefit. Your opponents must endure a further two. On your flip, when you have lots of open mana and may slam your creatures via, you possibly can replenish your hand, then dump it and steal your opponent’s hard-earned wincons.

Gwenna, Eyes of Gaea

If there are two issues inexperienced decks love, it’s making mana and summoning large creatures. Gwenna capitalizes on each whereas additionally residing in two of inexperienced’s hottest tribes. Her capacity so as to add a number of colours to your pool, then buff herself and do it AGAIN if the creature you summoned is stompy sufficient makes her an virtually auto-include in most monogreen or Simic decks. Combine her with a Vorinclex or any proliferate supply and watch your elves grow to be behemoths earlier than your eyes.

Queen Kayla bin-Kroog

Self-wheel with recursion? Sounds nice to me. Queen Kayla permits you to not solely cycle out your hand for a brand new one but additionally brings again as much as three artifacts or creatures that you simply chucked free of charge! If you’ve sturdy ETB results, like a Myr Retriever, this could possibly be a free redraw. With all of the highly effective and low-cost crimson, white, and colorless playing cards within the set, that is an unbelievable capacity. Speaking of low-cost energy…

Liberator, Urza’s Battlethopter

A residing Apache helicopter, Liberator is the king of the sluggish develop homicide machine. Giving all of your artifacts and Eldrazi Flash, plus rising each time you spend huge mana, Liberator can get uncontrolled quick. With the brand new powerstone tokens, kicker, or X spells, you possibly can rapidly make Liberator an issue. Just be careful for elimination; he’s particularly allergic.

Which Legendary Creatures are your favourite?


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