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Learn of one of many darkest, blight-ridden instruments of the Adeptus Astartes, the sinister Destroyers, and their forbidden weaponry.


Destroyer Marines have been a sort of elite Space Marine squad employed through the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.

World Eaters Destroyer in Mk.IV Maximus armor.

Equipped with in any other case forbidden or proscribed weaponry from the Age of Strife reminiscent of radioactive, organic, or different horrific strategies of dying, Space Marine destroyers have been usually shunned or appear as dishonorable by their Legion counterparts. However, because of their fight effectiveness, they have been thought of a mandatory evil by Imperial commanders.

Led by a Space Marine Sergeant, Destroyer Squads have been most sometimes geared up with Missile Launchers armed with Rad Missiles or Volkite Serpenta. They additionally generally carried Phosphex Bombs, Rad Grenades, and Melta bombs. To higher rain dying upon their foes, they have been typically geared up with Jump Packs.

Forbidden Weapons

Rad Missiles

Rad Missiles have been a sort of Rad Weapon deployed through the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. These Terran-derived missiles are a horror of the genetic wars waged through the Age of Strife, utilizing customized loaded-warheads which mix excessive explosive fragmentation costs lined with radioactive isotopes. The impact is to create an intensely poisonous radiation weapon that inflicts a hideous dying on its sufferer irrespective of their resilience. Because of its contaminating and hideous nature, it was deployed sparingly, mostly by Destroyer Space Marines.

Phosphex Bombs

Phosphex Bombs are lethal Phosphex Weapons used through the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.

These bombs include phosphex, a uncommon corrosive toxin, and incendiary compound. It expands on contact with the air right into a seething, liquid mist which burns with an eerie white-green flame that’s interested in motion. This flame ignites steel and eats into residing tissue, and extra ominously cannot be extinguished by any means wanting publicity to a vacuum. But as efficient as this horrific weapon is, its use is just not widespread because it has a tainting impact on planets past even radiation or nuclear weapons. Thus they have been solely sparsely deployed by Destroyer Space Marines or in Imperial Army Medusa‘s, the place they have been generally known as Phosphex Shells.

Rad Grenades

Rad Grenades are weapons utilized by Inquisitors of the Ordo Xenos or Space Marines. Rad grenades detonate in a bathe of tiny, radioactively-contaminated fragments. Each particle’s radioactive emissions have a millisecond half-life, guaranteeing that the thrower can cost in with out exposing himself to contamination. Nevertheless, these enemies caught within the preliminary blast will really feel the rad grenade’s debilitating affect for a while afterward.

Volkite Serpenta

Volkite Serpenta – Pistol model of the Volkite household.

Volkite weapons are a Mechanicum time period for a sort of historic thermal ray weapon relationship again to the Age of Strife.

Possessing a killing energy surpassing most armaments of their measurement, Volkites have been little-understood and tough to duplicate on even probably the most succesful Mechanicus Forge Worlds. Volkite weapons might Deflagrate natural matter, explosively burning flesh into ash and jetting fireplace. A direct hit by a Volkite weapon might trigger a goal to easily combust, usually taking close by comrades with them.

At one level they have been comparatively widespread within the fledgling Space Marine Legions, however by the point of the Horus Heresy have been a rarity and had been changed by the extra versatile and simple to fabricate bolter. The lack of Forge Worlds throughout The Horus Heresy sped the decline of Volkite weapons within the Imperium.

Telerac sample weapons are way more historic and ill-omened than even these designated ‘Proteus’, the identify implying darkish associations with the technological horrors of the Age of Strife. The scarcity of dependable provides of Volkite weaponry noticed many Telerac sample weapons restored to service, and thoroughly maintained within the Space Marine armories.

Notable Destroyer Formations

Angel’s Tears – Blood Angels Legion

The Angel’s Tears, also referred to as the Erelim, Broken Blade, Silver Masks, or Dead Hand, have been warriors of the Blood Angels through the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.

These Jump Pack-equipped infantry have been recognized for the merciless devastation that they delivered to the foe. Each particular person warrior bore the title Erelim and served as Sanguinius‘ wrath set forth by his will to scour away those he decreed unworthy of being saved. They were among the most commonly seen warriors of the Innermost “Sphere” of the Legion, serving the role other Legions refer to as Destroyers. Befitting their dark duty, they wore silver death masks etched with oaths of retribution. As with the other warriors of the First “Sphere” of the Blood Angels, such as the Sanguinary Guard and Crimson Paladins, the Angel’s Tears forsook their previous names and identities and took up new ritual titles, symbolic of their new roles as true Angels of Death. Angel’s Tears have been stated to ultimately return to regular Legion service, eradicating their dying masks and taking over their previous names. This was to distance them from the dying and slaughter they induced whereas in service because the Angel’s Tears.

The Angel’s Tears took to the sector solely on the direct order of Sanguinius himself, solely when the entire destruction of an enemy was deemed mandatory. They have been armed with a wide range of taboo and unique weapons reminiscent of Phosphex Grenades, Volkite Serpentas, and Rad Grenade Launchers.

Dreadwing – Dark Angels Legion

The Dreadwing was one of many six specialised formations referred to as Wings of the Dark Angels Space Marine Legion through the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.

The specialty of Dreadwing was complete warfare the place the voted-lieutenant bearing title Dreadbringer used Interemptor Squads supported by different kinds of squads to carry complete annihilation of a foe on particular battlefield. The Dreadwing additionally utilized mass armored assaults of Land Raiders, Spartan Assault Carriers, Mastodons, Whirlwinds, Vindicators, Arquitor Bombards and Fellglaives with superior Warp weaponry. They have been additionally recognized to make use of weapons of mass destruction reminiscent of Phosphex and Vortex Weapons. The superior weaponry of the Dreadwing was designed by the Emperor‘s personal armorers.

Their emblem was described as a cranium in an hourglass design. As of M41, the unit not exists.

Karaoghlanlar – White Scars Legion

The Karaoghlanlar, translated from Chogorian because the Dark Sons of Death, have been a formation of the White Scars through the Great Crusade and Horus HeresyThe Karaoghlanlar consisted of squads much like that of Legion Destroyers and answered on to the council of Stormseers. They have been deployed in fight when the utter annihilation of the enemy was required, in addition to for sure ritual roles throughout key campaigns

Pyroclasts – Salamanders Legion

Shunning standard Destroyer models inside his legion (save a small drive for Xenos extermination operations) because of the unclean and tainted nature of the weapons they wield, Vulkan as an alternative created the Pyroclasts and gave them highly effective thermal-incendiary weapons of his personal creation, the Pyroclast Flame Projector. To the Salamanders fireplace itself has virtually a mystical operate and fact, embodying purity, rebirth, and redemption. But for the renewal to happen, what has gone earlier than should be purged by fireplace. The Pyroclasts embody the final idea faithfully.

Pyroclasts wore Mantles of Ash, finely wrought artificer plates normal with flecks of obsidiax crystal from the volcanoes of Nocturne and draped with the hides of the Damen-Salamanders who dwelt inside their fiery depths. This gave them added safety towards flame weapons

 Ultramarines Destroyer in Mk.II Crusade armor.

~Perhaps it’s best for the galaxy that such horrors have been misplaced to the flames of the Heresy.


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